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Metal Sign - Custom

Metal Sign - Custom

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Let us make a bespoke masterpiece tailored to a unique vision with you!

Crafted in collaboration with our client, this bespoke metal sign celebrates the serene beauty of a beloved landscape. Inspired by a scene of pure joy, it portrays a majestic moose wandering through a lush forest adorned with towering trees, while the enchanting silhouette of Mount Pilchuck graces the background. Each detail is carefully laser-cut into the metal, capturing the essence of the scene with remarkable precision and artistry. Our collaborative effort ensures that every aspect resonates with the client's vision, resulting in a piece that reflects their unique connection to this cherished place. With its durable metal construction and joyful design, this custom creation stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and personal expression.

Size: 18" Wide x 15" Tall with Hanging Loops

Material: 10GA Cold Rolled Mild Steel

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